Hexagonal Stands for flying miniatures

26mm Base 27mm Pin, 1.5gm

Colours: Clear, Black



Robot Bases

30 x 40mm Base for
Miniature Robot Figures

Weight: 1.4gm,
Colour: Silver




  • Square 20mm Slotted, 0.5gm

  • Round 20mm Slotted, 0.4gm

  • Square 25mm Slotted, 0.8gm

  • Round 25mm Slotted, 0.8gm

  • Hexagonal 25mm Slotted, 0.5mg

  • Round 30mm Slotted with lip, 0.8gm

  • Round 40mm Slotted with lip, 1.7gm

  • Round 40mm Multipurpose, 1.2gm

  • Round 50mm Multipurpose with lip, 3gm

  • Rectangle 25 x 50mm Slotted, 2.1gm

Colour: Black



  • 30mm Multipurpose base 0.8gm


  • 50mm Multipurpose base 3.2gm


  • 25 x 25mm square base with lip 1.5g

    nly available in Black

    In conjunction with Freebooter Miniatures



Card Stands

  • 20mm rounded (A)
    Clear moulded PS - also available in colours

  • 20 x 18mm (B)
    Extruded - White or Black

  • 20mm round, moulded (C)
    Only available in clear

Eldritch Gems

Sets of glass nuggets packed into
a round plastic case.
Average contents 22-25 pieces.

Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, Light Blue,
Dark Blue, Aqua, Amethyst, Black and White.


Gem Stones

Sets of 50 to 55 plastic Gem Stones
packed in a transparent case.

Weight: 38.1gm

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown.


Dice Pouches

  • Large - 110x150mm
    Black or brown leatherette

  • Small - 90x105mm
    Black or brown leatherette

  • Small - 80x110mm
    Black velveteen

  • Suedette pouch - 100x140mm
    Colour: Taupe




  • Linen pouch - 180x160mm
    Colour: Green
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