Advertising Poker Dice - Set of 5

  • 16mm in Plastic Box, 27.4gm
  • 16mm in Leather Case, 34.5gm

Ace is replaced with a 1 colour logo.


Loaded Dice

  • 18mm, 9.8gm

Replace one or all faces with a logo or text.
Matching unloaded dice also available.


Mother of pearl acrylic Poker Chips

Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Bronze, Violet, Pink, White, Peach

  • Size 32mm (R), 2.6gm
  • Size 38mm (R), 4.0gm
  • Size 60 x 35mm, 8.0gm

Plagues can be cut to any size
up to 140 x 90mm.
Hot foil stamped with logo or message.


Sports Dice 18mm - Set of 5

  • Golf, Soccer, Cricket or Snooker (L)
  • Golf, Soccer, Cricker or Snooker (P)
  • Golf, Soccer, Cricket or Snooker (B)

Dice and packaging can be personalized.

L = Leather Case, P=Plastic Box,
B = Bulk Packet


Advertising Round Dice

  • Size 19mm, 5.0gm

These dice can be customised by printing a logo around the one spot, between the two spots or replacing six spots.